What Goes On During A Snell Pallet Wrap Audit

Inefficient wrapping processes leads to unsecured loads, increased waste and higher costs.

Snell has a team of industry specialists using advanced technology to audit your pallet wrapping process and can easily identify inefficient systems.

An audit with Snell can help with all areas of your wrapping process from selecting the right product to advising and facilitating machinery purchases.

Whether your pallets are wrapped by machine or hand, we can help to increase overall film holding force ensuring safe and secure pallets while using less film, preventing unnecessary wastage and saving you money.

In the last 30 audits we’ve conducted of stretch wrapping processes across New Zealand businesses, 87% were found to be inefficient.

The average volume of film reduced across those 30 audits was 4,460kg’s per year, and businesses saved an average of $11,016 per year.

We even managed to save one of our customers over $120,000 per year and reduce waste by 45,000kg’s or 28%.

Not only were there significant savings for all these businesses, but the risks from unsecured pallets reduced dramatically and the level of protection given to products in transit increased. Damaged products can cost businesses 1% of their total revenue.

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