Soft Plastics Recycling

Committed to Recycling

Snell Flexibles is proud to partner with the Love NZ Soft Plastic Recycling Programme. This is an innovative recycling programme that takes soft plastic packaging out of landfill and turns it into new products for us all to enjoy, like benches, bollards and circuit equipment for local parks. At Snell Flexibles, social responsibility is important to our business and to our customers. So now you can let your customers know that the flexible packaging you use is making a positive contribution to our communities.

The programme takes all soft plastic pouches and bags including bread bags, frozen food bags, toilet paper packaging, confectionery and biscuit wrap, chip bags, pasta and rice bags, plastic liners, courier envelopes, shopping bags and sanitary hygiene packaging.

The plan is to provide access to soft plastics recycling for over 70% of New Zealanders. First trialed in Auckland, the programme was then rolled out to Hamilton in early 2016 with further expansion to Wellington, Canterbury, Otago, Bay of Plenty, Manawatu and other regions planned over a three-year period.

The simple message to consumers is do the SCRUNCH test! If plastic can be scrunched up into a ball – it can be recycled.

The Programme is funded by a grant from the Government’s Waste Minimisation Fund. To find out more, go to