Unbeatable Image Quality

Three global market trends for flexible packaging printing have made a significant impact on the way the printing business works. Consumer demand for shorter print runs; an evolving global marketplace and demand for sustainable workflows have all worked to narrow the traditional divide between gravure and flexographic print.

At Snell Flexibles, we understand that it is important to focus on which process best suits your particular market, design and packaging construction — so we offer the best of both worlds.

Flexible Packaging Printing: From Gravure to Flexo

Snell Flexibles offers high quality gravure printing in up to ten colours to deliver sharp graphics, fine print and characters. Gravure is the preferred print process in the Asian market because it offers the high quality reproduction required to print small characters and graphics clearly. Unbeatable image quality is delivered by the high resolution gravure process (up to 250 lpi) for four colour graphics and illustrations that effectively represent premium brands.

We also offer flexographic printing for more complex substrates like paper or thin gauge polythene and extensible films. Although flexographic printing produces a lower resolution image (up to 150 lpi), it is a useful printing technique for packaging materials like kraft paper that absorb ink, because it lays down a thicker layer of ink on the substrate.

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