Packaging Optimisation and Innovation

Packaging That Helps Your Product Grow

Companies feel constant pressure from customers to differentiate their brands and reduce cost. One of the keys to profitable growth is optimisation and innovation but the costs associated with changing packaging often conflict with KPI’s in other areas of the business.

Snell Flexibles can give you access to both international and local expertise to help you develop a strategy that takes advantage of market trends, production and packaging efficiencies while addressing the up and coming requirements of retail channels. Our team is in the unique position of having a depth of expertise from local and international sources, relationships across multiple supply partners, local technical and design support and a proven track record.

Production Improvements & Innovation

General market trends and statistics prove there is potential for house brands and other innovative products to dominate shelf space as they are more profitable for supermarkets. Regardless of the category you operate in, production improvements through machinery or new product innovation can be achieved by optimising your packaging.

Whether you’re considering a complete pack or process change, a design refresh or just adding a new seal or easy-open option, our expert team can help make this complex conversation a little more straightforward.

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