Perforated Bags and Films


Perforated Films and Bags can be fully customisable in size and can be tailored to suit any die cut shape or form. Suitable for packaging fresh produce such as Mushrooms, Capsicum, tomatoes, leaf vegetables as well as flowers. With variable perforation profiles to suit the imagery and respiration requirements of the products packed. These lightweight bags and films can be used to reduce packaging material used.

Snell Flexibles is a partner in the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme which means that these bags and films are now fully recyclable in New Zealand.

Brand Impact

Perforated films and bags provide large printable faces for strong brand impact on the shelf. At Snell Flexibles we deliver crisp, on-brand, photographic quality imagery through gravure printing.

Fit for Process

Perforated films and bags can be used for both automated and manual packing/filling operations. Available as loose or on a wicket with and without a wire.

Customised Construction

Perforated films and bags can be constructed using various film types depending upon the product and market requirements.

Smart Packaging Solutions

Perforated films and bags can be tailored to the desired shape and form to add appeal and value to your product and brand.  They are best used for product that need respiration or ventilation.  They can be manufactured using varying materials providing great clarity to showcase your products.  Varying form factors allows for manual and automated packing options to suit efficient operations requirements. A great and cost-effective way to generate visual appeal to the brand and the end-user.

Want to know more of the specifics?

Download the full spec sheet for this product here

Perforated Bags & Films Spec Sheet