Strapping Machines

Strapping machines are typically designed for use with plastic strapping. They position, tension and seal strap around a package or load to bundle or secure it.

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

To use a semi-automatic strapping machine, the operator places the package on the table of the machine over a slot.

The operator pulls the strapping up and around the carton and inserts it into the strapping guide or slot, at which point the machine grabs the end and pulls the strapping tight around the package and heat seals the ends.

Semi-automatic machines are suitable for low to medium volumes.


Semi-Automatic Pallet Strapping Machines

These are a simple alternative for strapping goods to pallets without the need for hand tools. The machine is simply moved alongside the pallet and the horizontal bayonet or chute that holds the strapping is slipped through the void in the pallet. The operator then takes the strap, takes it over the top of the load and feeds it back into the machine, which pulls the strap back in reverse, tensions, heat seals and cuts it.

Automatic Strapping Machines

An automatic strapping machine allows for hands-free operation to strap packages, and typically comes with a built-in arch. The package is placed under the arch, strapping is automatically applied, heat sealed and cut. Operation is generally by foot-pedal or tabletop sensor and the strapping cycle is instantaneous. Automatic machines are suitable for medium to high volumes.

Automatic Pallet Strapping Machines

These machines are used to strap large quantities of products on a pallet. They come with a large horizontal or vertical frame and require strapping material that can withstand a high level of tension. The load is placed inside the frame and the strap is fed around the load. The seal of each strap is either on the top or the side of the load and machines are designed to seal these from either the top or side. Automatic pallet strapping machines can be incorporated into fully automatic production lines.