Supply Chain Strength

The effects of COVID-19 are far and wide reaching as businesses look to preserve cashflow, protect staff well-being, create some certainty for their future and ensure their supply chain is secure.

Supply chain has proven to be a particularly difficult issue as reduced production capacity and availability of shipment spaces has led to a battle for access to product. With this uncertainty some businesses are looking to save money and reduce the risk by splitting their supply.

However, this could be having the opposite effect. Instead of looking to split their supply chain they should be focussing on the proven vendors that they deal with. Securing validated working contingencies carries extra risk, cost and can put added strain on already stretched resources.

The impact that your supply chain could be having on your business is wider reaching than many are aware of.

  • Poor Quality

    Creates recalls, rework cost, brand damage & impact on future revenue

  • Splitting Supply

    Dilutes your customer importance & ability to leverage price and support

  • Non Delivery

    Pressure on production, customer deadlines, revenue & reputation

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If you were to have a supplier fall short of your business’ needs you could have major implications in the short and long term. If your PPE supplier were to fall short you would:

  • Be unable to provide adequate PPE for your staff
  • Leading to compromised employee safety
  • Impact on production capability
  • Compromised customer demand and deadlines
  • Need to invest valuable time in finding a suitable alternative

What if you were able to create some safety and certainty for your organisation without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk and cost. You could be tapping into a proven and established global supply chain who already has the relationships, expertise and stability in place.

At Snell we have spent many years building viable contingencies to protect the longevity of our customers operations. Through the early days of COVID-19 our supply chain was heavily tested with our customers benefitting from the structures set in place.

For more information on how our supply chain can help protect your business, please contact your Snell representative for more information.