Snell's Sustainability Journey

At Snell we've been on our sustainability journey for the past 10+ years.

This forms an important part of how we operate on a day-to-day basis. Whether it be how we deal with our waste or joint projects with customers, we know that this is an area deeply important to all the stakeholders we deal with.

Over the two years we have been running a sustainable audit with the focus to improve our overall knowledge and effectiveness in this space. In this time we have:

  • Measured two years worth of carbon footprints
  • Developed a framework of targets and initiatives to keep our business positively progressing and challenging ourselves
  • Created an educational plan to keep our staff updated on the work we do in this area

When talking about sustainability there is a lot of information to digest and the conversations can quickly become overwhelming. As a result, having concise and easy to understand inforamtion is key.

Below you will find the Snell Sustainability 2-pager which will give you an overview of the work we have done and the plans we have set for the future. Simply click below to view this document.



This is such a fast moving space and so staying as up to date on regulations, innovation and industry related concerns is crucial to growing as a business. To ensure you and your team are sustainable champions, keep an eye out for our sustainability related content.

We have a whole section in our Big Ideas tab on the website and are regularly updating our sustainable document, The Truth About Packaging.

Your next sustainable solution

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