Is Your Business Prepared?

Varying lengths and levels of lockdown have created difficult times for businesses all over New Zealand.

The risk of spreading the virus if unprepared, has meant that many operations have had to shut down for multiple weeks at a time. This has led many with the need to get back to full operating capacity as quickly as possible.

However, if you rush this process and are not prepared for the risk that Covid-19 presents your business, you could be left vulnerable. Often personal protective equipment (PPE) is the top priority to protect your operations and while it does play a key role, it is not the only area you need to focus on. If you are caught short when it comes to packaging, hygiene, or safety consumables you could be forced to reduce your operational capacity yet again.

Outside of your PPE requirements your business may also be reliant on:

  • Shipping supplies

  • Personalized packaging

  • Securing

  • Safety equipment

  • Medical equipment

  • Cleaning & washroom

If you were to run out of key operational items, you may need to reduce your operating capacity or even shut down until you have the correct equipment.

This could lead to:

  • Missing out on business opportunities

  • Reduced revenue

  • Negative impact on your brand

Reviewing your needs and ensuring you have access to not only the correct items, but that stock levels match is key. Being able to work with a supplier that has a wide range of products, and a proven supply chain could help protect your business in the long term.

At Snell we are well versed in helping our customers manage the supply chain process to ensure you are prepared for any further Covid-19 related alerts.

For more information get in contact with your Snell representative to prepare.