Are You Wasting Pallet Wrap?

Being environmentally sensitive and working as a business to reduce your impact is extremely important. How a business decides to meet these objectives can be found in their environmental policy. The issue with this is that these can often be written and forgotten.

Communicating the importance of your policy can be tough and when it isn’t done properly, there can be a lack of commitment from the business. If staff are unaware of these policies and goals this means that reaching your targets will be a much more difficult task.

By focussing on environmental issues your business can improve its efficiency while also developing staff engagement and awareness around this important topic. Improvements to other areas of your business can include increased operational efficiency, reduced fuel bills and less material used to ship goods.

Aside from personal and business reasons, environmental policy is a global issue – the 2016 Paris agreement brought together 195 countries in an attempt to keep a global temperature rise below 2 degrees. New Zealand sends 2.5 million tonnes of waste to landfills each year. To keep up with this global movement New Zealand will has started to act by banning the use of single use plastic bags. Further changes will come but these are often easier to manage in small steps, so starting now will help your business adapt.

An inefficient pallet wrapping operation can dramatically increase your impact on the environment.  In our last 30 pallet wrapping reviews, we identified that 87% of these wrapping operations were not performing efficiently, with the average plastic film reduction achievable was 41%. Most of the inefficiencies were due to poor stretch performance, mismatched film gauge and wrap cycle settings, leading to excessive pallet wrap consumption. Through reducing your consumption, you are also able to reduce the amount of packaging that your customers are receiving.

By improving your business’s pallet wrap operations you can help reduce your environmental impact and improve efficiency. Snell can help with staff training to optimise your pallet wrap usage per pallet, supply the most efficient product for your machine and perform regular reviews to make sure your machine is properly maintained.

To organise a pallet wrap review of your business, contact your Snell Representative.