Traffic Management

Looking after the health and safety of your employees is a difficult but important job. This can be enough work without mentioning the safety of visitors onsite.

Every Truck that comes to your Warehouse door increases the chance of a traffic related incident; especially if you have multiple Trucks moving onsite at the same time. More trucks carrying smaller loads means more forklifts are needed to unload pallets. Breaking up pallets is another area where workplace accidents often occur.

On top of this there are also more people onsite who are unfamiliar with their busy surroundings and have less visibility of the warehouse due to the constant movement of Trucks blocking their view. Reducing clutter helps people keep track of what is around them, making it easier for them to react in an emergency.

In 2016 there were 233,000 claims made to ACC for work related injuries with 30,700 of these claims being for serious injuries. Reducing hazards and the chance for hazardous situations to occur on your site is key to ensuring your employees and visitors don’t become a statistic.  

Consolidating orders not only saves you money, it can also improve the safety of your workplace. If you can reduce the amount of traffic coming into your warehouse by consolidating orders the chance of accidents occurring onsite will decrease while less money will also be spent processing orders.

To help make your high traffic areas safer Snell have a range of traffic safety equipment that can help you keep employees safe.