Do You Have The Right Signage?

Signage has always been an important part of health & safety in everyday business.

There are a variety of requirements that sites need you to follow to ensure that they are protecting the wellbeing of everyone present. Many businesses are now expecting those on site to be fully vaccinated, to wear the correct PPE and to restrict their movement to specific areas of their operations.

Often these signs can have their true value taken for granted as they, in most cases, are part of how everyday business is done. With the addition of Covid-19 there is even more of an emphasis to ensure all people on your site clearly understand the requirements to safely operate. Specifically communicating what your expectations are for those entering your premises protects both staff and visitors.

If you do not have the correct signage, you could be risking:

  • The spread of germs and bacteria on-site

  • Confusion around on-site procedures

  • Confusion around acceptable PPE

  • People entering restricted areas of your business

  • The health & safety of those on your site

The responsibility to have signage that clearly communicates the procedures to be followed lies with your business. If someone were to enter your site and have an accident or injury you could be liable. If the correct procedures were not clearly displayed your business could be fined, prosecuted, and endure brand damage.

Having the ability to easily create signage fit for your business’ specific working environment can help protect your operations. Clearly communicating expectations and rules is the best way to help protect the wellbeing of all on site.

At Snell we are able to help you find the customized signage solution for your business’ demands. Get in touch with your Snell representative for more information about how our signs could help you.

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