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Respiratory equipment is commonly used in business’ all-over New Zealand. They help prevent harmful and potentially fatal illnesses to workers in dangerous and high-risk industries. These products help ensure the health and safety of workers and are crucial to day to day operations.

But in fact, without the assistance of safety specialists you could be using over or under spec’d products, incorrectly donning or maintaining the equipment and overall potentially putting your staff member’s health and safety at risk.

600 to 900 people die from work related diseases every year in New Zealand with 80% of these cases being Men. Around 170 people died from Asbestos-related diseases in 2010, making exposure to Asbestos the single biggest cause of work-related disease mortality while cardiovascular and respiratory diseases remain the other main causes of work-related mortality in New Zealand. This shows the lack of an emphasis that New Zealand workers place on their respiratory safety.

You could be unintentionally putting yourself and your employees at risk through not wearing your equipment correctly. What is often unknown by many people is that if you are not cleanly shaven your facemasks will not work correctly. The hair prevents a seal being created which keeps out the dangerous materials and substances.

If you are a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking), then you are responsible and liable for assessing and eliminating risks in your workplace. In some cases risks cannot be removed and so  you will need to make a decision as to what is the best respiratory protective equipment for your specific task at hand.

Having specialists who can provide you valuable insights around products and their application is invaluable when needing task specific equipment. This can help you to make the best-informed decision for you, your business and your colleagues’ safety.

The Paramount safety respiratory range of products coupled with assistance from safety specialists can help you through the selection process of equipment, proper ongoing maintenance and the correct fitting and donning of equipment. For more information please contact your Snell representative.

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