Big Trouble in Big China

Environmental issues are at the front of the media and public attention. Pressure has pushed countries around the world to set legislation and targets to reduce waste and pollution. China last year acted on this and put in place legislation to help some of their industries.

The production of Vinyl gloves is a messy process as the materials used are not biodegradable or environmentally friendly whether disposed of in landfill or incinerated. It also takes many wash cycles to get Vinyl gloves ready for sale.

China is one of the largest manufacturers of Vinyl gloves to the global market and with pollution levels reaching a record high in early 2017, the Chinese Government Environmental Protection Agency imposed a 45-day ban of the production of Vinyl gloves. All manufacturers are required to meet certain standards to continue manufacturing with several factories having since closed. As a result, there is a nearly 2 million case gap leading to supply chain issues and increased prices.

A re-seller in New Zealand urgently required to seek alternative import options due to their manufacturer in China unexpectedly closing.

The impact was significant due to:

  • The time spent finding a new supplier and the associated logistics and lead-times.
  • An Increase cost of product.
  • The inability to supply current customers leading to lost business and revenue.
  • Negative consequences to the end users with no supply. Meaning an impact on their production, staff safety and requirement to source alternatives.
  • Inconsistency with brand and perceived quality effecting company reputation.

Being able to rely on your suppliers to help your business get through industry ups and downs can be priceless. More and more industries are coming under scrutiny for their environmental impacts and so changes to production patterns are expected.

Snell have access to a wide range of suppliers and a specialised team based in China. We have contingencies set in place to help ensure that our customers get what they need, when they need it. Snell continuously monitors global trends and adjusts inventory to minimise risk to supply chain. Our team of experienced Account Managers and Safety Specialists can also provide guidance on market trends and the most effective glove option for your operation.

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Snell Nitrile Glove P/Free - 240mm Cuff

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Latex Gloves Powdered

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Snell Vinyl Gloves Powdered

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