Are Your Loads Safe?

Health and safety is an issue that all businesses are dealing with on a day to day basis. Ensuring that your employees, visitors and businesses you deal with are safe is imperative to running a successful business.

Ensuring that you and your business are doing your everything in yours means to prevent an incident is now a legal requirement. This encompasses all parts of a business from the correct usage of safety gear to the education around usage of products and situations.

 One area that is often overlooked as a potential safety risk is your pallet wrapping operation. If not properly maintained this could be putting the safety of your workers, customers and anyone involved in the transit process in danger.

An incorrectly wrapped pallet commonly disregarded. Potential incidents can include pallet contents falling over, pallet loads moving while in transit and even gradually moving while in storage.

If an employee were to be injured by a poorly wrapped pallet, then you could be liable for their injury. Failure to point out hazards and address them could cost an individual person fines of up to $150,000 while a business could be fined up to 1.5 million dollars.  That is without including the cost of downtime, emotional impact on your business if an accident occurred and the impact on your perception as an employer.

Ensuring staff are trained on how to properly wrap pallets along with knowing which type of pallet wrap is correct for your products and their transformational needs will make your work environment safer. Snell can assist in conducting a pallet wrap audit for your business. This includes looking at what film you are using, how you are wrapping your goods, if you are wrapping cost effectively, what tools are being used and what purpose the wrap is being used for.

Implementing the Pallet Wrap Management Program is an easy way to make your workplace safer and to reassure your staff you’re looking after their safety.