The Rise of Social Responsibility in NZ

As New Zealand businesses face continued pressure to meet their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) obligations and commitments, we have noted another significant shift in the market.

We are calling this shift the rise of Social Responsibility.

As environmental responsibility becomes table stakes, we are seeing consumers and the media placing increasing pressure on New Zealand businesses to:

  • Action effective supply chain management and awareness of social compliance at every stage

  • Make real changes within their own businesses to support and encourage diversity and equal opportunities.

Whether you're a Procurement Manager, CEO or Sustainability Manager, the process of assessing your supply chain end to end is daunting. For this reason, we encourage our customers to have conversations with their suppliers regarding their management of the supply chain.

At Snell, we are pleased to have a Supplier Code of Conduct in place which has been signed by more than 95% of our suppliers. This provides both Snell and our customers with certainty regarding our ability to support your business in meeting its ESG commitments and obligations.

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