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With the recent lockdowns it is clear to see that COVID-19s ability to stop standard day to day operations is just as strong as it was last year.

Ensuring your business has the appropriate procedures and products set up to maintain your practices through tough times can be a difficult task. Simply having any hand hygiene system set up can seem like the easiest option for you.

However, by using a generic hygiene system you could be creating more risk than you are aware of.

The use of inadequate products, inefficient dispensers and lack of processes can mean your workers are not as protected as they could be.

The workplace creates an enviornment where germs and bacteria can be easily spread between people.

  • Studies show that for every employee who comes to work sick, up to 18% of their colleagues will become infected.

  • When an infected person sneezes or coughs, droplets containing germs are released, spreading the virus.

  • Germs invariably land on doorknobs, desks and other surfaces that can come in to contact with people.

Being able to provide a clear step by step process can help create an understanding and expectation around hand hygiene in your workplace.

The SC Johnson Professional Skin Safety Centre clearly outlines the three steps they suggest:

Protect - Provides a protective layer on the skin surface

Cleanse - Removes harmful contaminants and irritants

Restore - Improves skin strength and prevents dry and damaged skin

By having access to a comprehensive range of products and hygiene specialist knowledge you can help your business rest assured they are protected.

For more information around how these solutions can fit into your workplace, please contact your Snell representative.

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