Does Your Hygiene System Tick All The Boxes?

Every purchase you make for your office has the potential to make a difference whether good or bad. Including those products, you need but have never give much thought to. The hygiene systems you implement into your business play a significant role in the cleanliness of your workplace, your product and on your absenteeism.

Poorly functioning hygiene systems in your workplace can be putting your business at risk. If you produce products that can easily be contaminated by germs your business could face a costly recall if a customer falls ill.

  • $10m is the average cost of a food recall, following that 55% of consumers say they would switch brands after a recall.

  • Employees that get sick from poor hygiene systems can cost you an average of 37% in productivity due to absenteeism.

  • This adds up to cost $1b per year for New Zealand businesses.

Having the proper hygiene systems in place along with proper training can have a bigger impact on your business than you may have thought.

  • Do you currently use paper towels or air dryers in your rest room?
  • Does your toilet paper and hand towel capacities match your level of foot traffic?
  • Do you currently have a system in place for your cleaning equipment?
  • Are you confident that all of your cleaning equipment meets industry regulations?
  • Do you have what you need?

95% of people fail to wash their hands properly and 50% of foodborne illness outbreaks are caused by failure to wash hands 1 in 8 New Zealanders become ill from foodborne illness each year with 17 of those dying. Poor hand hygiene is more prevalent than expected.

 The Snell Hygiene Health Check makes sure to fully understand your business, identify risks and provide tailored solutions. Along with a trial period, implementation support and ongoing reviews to monitor success. Contact your Snell Representative now if you are worried your hygiene systems might have a negative impact on your business.