Is It Time To Go Automated?

Most businesses would use cartons to send their products out but when do you know to switch from a manual carton sealing process to an automated one?  This can be a tough question to answer but generally there are some signs when an automated process would be best. For example:

  • When you need to hire extra people to keep up with the number of boxes you are sending out
  • If you are sealing more than 200 cartons a day it would be beneficial for you to invest in a carton sealing machine.
  • When you are sealing bulky or heavy cartons
  • When you are sealing a high amount of product at irregular times.

There are many benefits to switching to an automated process. You lower the risk of cuts or lifting injuries, reduce the cost of packaging through less personnel, and you can save time by utilising personnel in other parts of your packing line more effectively.

With quick, easy adjustments you can seal a wide range of case heights and sizes. Contact your Snell representative for more information around how automation could help your business.