Automate Your Problem

The current business climate is full of uncertainty and issues for businesses around the world. On top of this staff shortages and an increased cost of labour is making the work environment a tough place to manage.

However, what is often thought is that though the use of machines/automation you lose jobs and add a high cost to running a business. Contrary to this automation can help improve efficiencies/productivity, improve health and safety and streamline business processes in a period of uncertainty for many people.

The recent change in minimum wage from $15.75 to $16.50 is a direct effect on the cost of labour with this potentially increasing to $20 by 2021. This coupled with many industries struggling to fill job vacancies has pushed for businesses to look overseas for workers.

The impact of this on your business could be greater than you may think. You could be experiencing a need to introduce price increases, a reduction in revenue, reduced overall productivity and missed deadlines.

Being able to know what automation opportunities are available specifically to your business could save you money, time and provide long term efficiency solutions.

Snell Automation can help find a solution for your production and logistical needs. We have a wide range of machines and a division focused on providing automation solutions.

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Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine - EXP-308

Code: 104937 Brand: Extend
19897.93 Not available
Excl GST
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Uniform Carton Sealing Machine TB -

Code: 102931 Brand: Extend
8941.95 Not available
Excl GST
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Strap Machine Semi Auto - ES-104

Code: 104781 Brand: Joinpack
3916.34 Not available
Excl GST