Custom Design and Concept

The Perfect Fit

You can get your project right first time by tapping into Snell Flexibles packaging expertise: from design and graphics to packaging concept, construction and print. We will work with you to create customised packaging based on your product’s unique formulation, projected life cycle and filling equipment.

We know that it takes a team of construction, design and print experts to see the big picture and develop a solution with strong consumer appeal that is fit for purpose and process. So we’ve built that expertise into Snell Flexibles.

Our team includes an experienced packaging and food technologist and in-house graphic designer dedicated to flexible packaging — and our technical sales people are well-recognised in the industry for their knowledge and proactive, problem-solving approach.

If you want to modify your existing packs or add a SKU to your range, we can handle the whole process in-house — quickly, efficiently and accurately. We also have a trusted network of external designers who work closely with our team to create new products or brands from the bottom up.

12 Steps to Best Practice

While consumer trends come and go, trends in flexible packaging seem to have a longer life span than most. Snell Flexibles can help you stay ahead of these global trends, putting you more in control of their impact on your business and the market you operate in.

Our team has developed a 12-step process based on flexible packaging best practice that will help you to future-proof your packaging. This thorough, intelligent approach will help to optimise your packaging by ensuring that the packs you develop today will meet the marketing and production requirements of tomorrow.

There are many factors to consider when developing and commercialising a new product, at Snell Flexibles we don’t leave anything to chance.

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