Sustainable supply chains

There is a lot of uncertainty in the current business climate.

As the past year has shown us, we need to be adaptive and pro-active to ensure that we can continue operating regardless of COVID-19 alert level. This is a challenge for businesses all over New Zealand.

Last year, almost 75% of businesses reported some level of supply chain disruption. Many companies were forced to spend a great deal of time and money searching for new supply channels and product. Unfortunately, this created more risk for many, as far as quality, compliance and guaranteed delivery were concerned.

In one case during 2020, a New Zealand re-seller was hit by the sudden closure of a Chinese manufacturer, resulting in a significant shortfall in PPE stock with no contingency in place.

This impacted a number of their customers including a large NZ food processor who were left without suitable PPE for their operation which lead to:

  • An inability to proctect their workers health and safety

  • Risk to product quality

  • Impact on production capabiltiy

  • Inability to meet their customers supply demands

  • Reduced revenue and brand damage

  • Added cost and time searching for replacement product

With COVID-19 geopolitical and environmental pressures set to continue in 2021, the spotlight continues to shine on inventory planners and procurement teams to meet the demand of their companies and their customers.

Dealing with a business that has a trusted supply chain could help reduce the amount of work, noise and risk you and your customers are dealing with. When simply operating on a day-to-day basis becomes difficult these benefits can help you get through unscathed.

At Snell we work tirelessly to regularly manage and review our supply chain. Keeping our supply chain as strong as possible is key to ensure we can provide our customers with the results they demand.

How could our supply chain help you?

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