A New Look for Snell Packaging & Safety

As a HACCP and ISO accredited partner who holds a depth of expertise in sustainability, we have been working to better align how we present our business in market with the value we deliver to our customers. 

We are pleased to announce the launch of our refreshed brand identity as this complements our focus on the following areas:

Expertise – To fulfil our role as the trusted expert advisor, we will continue to share insights and connect our customers with our in-house team. As businesses look to reduce costs and manage inflationary pressures, we are equipped to partner with our customers to complete strategic projects focused on supply chain management, vendor consolidation and risk mitigation. With our expertise, we can handle these complex and time-consuming projects on your behalf.

Sustainability – In the world of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) obligations, businesses need expert guidance to ensure they are meeting these ever-changing expectations. We will continue to partner with our customers to support the achievement of their sustainability objectives.

Business Insights - In every conversation or review, we will continue to identify insights which offer a source of competitive advantage. We also look forward to sharing select insights to LinkedIn so follow us for updates

Human - As our independent market research reinforces each year, the people of Snell are the trusted advisors our customers choose to partner with. So, we will bring our people to the forefront by telling their stories and continuing to share their expertise.  

Shaun Williams, Snell’s Chief Executive, says:

“We need a brand identity and web presence which bridges the physical and digital disconnect which has existed within our business. Our yearly market research results show that our customers love partnering with us. So, we have decided to better convey the realities of doing business with us through our communications, website and physical presence by modernising our brand”.

In times of change, it is important to acknowledge what remains constant. Our trading name, ownership, leadership, and team remain unchanged.

In the coming weeks, you'll see refreshed Snell trucks taking to the roads and new insights shared in meetings with our customers and partners. In the coming months, you will see adjustments to our website to provide an improved customer experience. For the moment, follow us on LinkedIn for the latest insights and a sneak peak of life at Snell. 

About Snell

At Snell, our people are the experts in packaging, safety, and the many sustainable options and approaches available. We partner with many of New Zealand’s largest manufacturing, agricultural and food processing companies to help them become more competitive. We do so through effective supply chain management, vendor consolidation and risk mitigation.

As an ISO and HACCP accredited partner, we also help our customers to manage risk through meeting their sustainability objectives as we hold an in-depth understanding of the implications of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) for New Zealand businesses.