Your Next Sustainable Solution

Sustainability is a topic that many businesses are struggling to make significant progress in.

The need to educate your wider businesss in order to help reduce your operations impact is well known. This can be a confusing task with the vast amount of information available creating a hesitance for many to take action.

However, there are many areas of your operations that you an take immediate action to reduce your impact.

Consolidation in the current working environment can seem like the opposite measure you should be taking. But in fact, when consolidating your suppliers in a safe and proven way, you can reap the benefits of a streamlined operations.

When you are dealing with higher numbers of vendors you are creating risk across your operations. These risks can seem like small issues at the time but can add up across areas you may not often looked into. These risks include:

  • Health & safety risk due to the high numbers of vehicles onsite

  • Increased cost due to supplier engagement

  • Increased carbon footprint due to more deliveries

The impact that freight has on your overall carbon footprint can be large, with this being a difficult area to streamline when business are constantly looking to increase their output. Through measuring our own carbon footprint, we have found that freight is one of our main contributors. What mant people are unaware of is the difference that a truck and van have when it comes to the carbon emitted through the delivery process. International Transport forum research from 2018 found that:

  • Three quarters of the worlds cargo is taken by ocean going ships

  • On the other hand, road vehicles like trucks and vans make up 62% of freight emissions

  • Road freight can emit more than 100 times as much CO2 as ships to carry the same amount of freight the same distance

If you were able to safely consolidate the number of vendors you deal with, you could effectively streamline your operations with improvements in health & safety, supplier engagement costs and most importantly a reduced carbon footprint.

At Snell we have experience in successfully helping our customers review their vendors to help their operations.

For more information around how your business can consolidate with sustainability in mind, please contact your Snell representative.