Wrapping Up Your Plastic Waste

Having an environmental policy is becoming more commonplace as modern businesses work towards reducing their carbon footprint. The issue around this is that these policies can be written and then forgotten about.

Often communicating the importance of the policy internally can be missed and as a result there is a lack of commitment from the business. Some staff don’t even know their companies have an environmental policy until they are questioned about it. This means environmental goals are ignored or misunderstood.

By focussing on environmental issues your business can improve its efficiency while also developing staff engagement. Improvements to other areas of your business can include increased operational efficiency, reduced fuel bills and less material used to ship goods.

Aside from personal and business reasons, environmental policy is becoming a global issue – the 2016 Paris agreement brought together 195 countries in an attempt to achieve climate neutrality before the end of the century. New Zealand disposes of 252,000 tonnes of plastic waste into landfills each year. To keep up with this global movement New Zealand will eventually have to act; part of this will involve reducing plastic waste. Change is easier to manage in small steps, so starting now will give your business a big advantage.

An easy way to reduce your environmental impact is by improving the efficiency of your pallet wrap programme – our research has shown that 65% of pallet wrap operations are inefficient. Operations can be inefficient for a number of reasons, they could be using too much pallet wrap – leading to excess waste. The film could be too thin – leading to product damage and wasted resources throwing out damaged products. The two most common problems, and often the hardest to detect, are using the wrong film for the machine, or using machines that are incorrectly calibrated.

Improving your pallet wrap operations is an easy way for your business to reduce its environmental impact and improve efficiency. Snell can help you with staff training to optimise the amount of pallet wrap you use per pallet, supply the most efficient product for your machine, and perform a Pallet Wrap WOF to make sure your machine is properly maintained.

Get in contact with your Snell Representative to discuss your pallet Wrap WOF.