Don't Get Caught Out!

One of New Zealand’s top issues now is how we deal with our waste. Ensuring that you and your business are up to date with the development of materials, infrastructure and regulations can be a tough and confusing task.

However, if you are not up to date, then you may be left using illegal products. On the 1st of July 2019 new regulations will be set in place to stop the use of single use retail plastic bags. These changes pose an important question. What can and can’t be used? Here are the important details around the plastic bag ban:

  • The phase out will apply to all plastic shopping bags with handles that are made of plastic up to 70 microns in thickness.
  • These rules will apply to all retailers regardless of bag type and size.
  • This includes the light-weight plastic bags commonly found at supermarkets, takeaway food stores and other retail checkouts, as well as heavier boutique-style bags and the 'emergency' bags currently offered by some supermarkets as an alternative to a free single-use bag.

  • The ban will include bags fitting the above description made from degradable plastics (biodegradable, compostable or oxy-degradable)

  • Bin liners, bags for collecting pet waste and barrier bags used when purchasing meat, fruit and vegetables are not included in the proposed phase out (unless they have handles for the dual use of carrying sold goods).

If your business is affected by this and you have not found a solution in time, you will be breaking the law, potentially leading to a fine of up to $100,000. This also leaves your customers without a bagging solution and could be negatively affecting your businesses reputation.

Having access to a more environmentally friendly alternative would be beneficial to both your business and the environment. Paper bags provide an easy option for people to protect their shopping as they can be re-used and even recycled to be used in other paper-based products.

At Snell we have access to a range of Kraft paper bags made from 100% recycled paper. This bag is a durable solution and is suitable for recycling through curb side bins. For more information contact your Snell representative.