Thinking Green Gloves

Environmental sustainability is a topic that has been at the forefront of discussion for businesses all over the world.

This can be a difficult space for business to find tangible wasys to make improvements while maintaining their standard day-to-day operations. There is often a lack of knowledge and experience around what to do and where to focus your resources.

However, if left as a lower priority area it could be creating more risk than you are aware of. If you don't start to find ways to improve your approach to sustainability you could be left behind and miss out on developments your industry is implementing. What a lot of businesses inadvertently do is disregard a group of products or category as 'too hard' to provide any environmental benefits.

The expectation on businesses to be positively changing their environmental impact is steadily growing. Customers are wanting the companies they purchase products from to represent the values that they see as important. According to a 2019 study done by the Sustainable Business Council , 47% of New Zealanders say they care about sustainability when choosing a brand/product to purchase. On top of this 71% of New Zealanders do active reserach around sustainability of a brand before purchasing.

Meeting these expectations can be tougher than expected but the impacts of this aren't just external. Environmentally based initiatives can have a positive impact on staff morale, staff want to work for businesses that prioritise this area.

Being able to have access to innovative solutions in the sustainability space can help your business make positive changes. Making a positive impact without having to make drastic changes to your operations can provide  a range of benefits and create great stories to tell your customers.

The Pro Choice Think Green Recycled Glove provides you with a solution to managing your team's safety while helping to reduce your impact on the environment. This general use glove has a wide range of applications and industries it is suitable for while having a reduced carbon footprint. For more information around these gloves please contact your Snell representative.

  • 100% recycled polyester liner

  • 1.3 plastic bottles recycled per liner

  • 14g reduction in CO2 emissions per liner

  • 0.92L water saved per liner

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