Latex Allergy

An allergy is a heightened sensitivity to a foreign substance causing the body’s defence system to overreact. Latex allergies are caused by latex proteins. This reaction is linked to natural rubber latex (NRL) often used in gloves. Reactions can vary from mild discomfort to life threatening.

A study by the Guthrie Research Institute found that latex gloves worn during food preparation can shed latex proteins into the food in amounts large enough to cause reactions. It is recommended that food handlers avoid the use of latex gloves to eliminate inadvertent exposure of latex proteins to latex- sensitive individuals.

If a customer reacted to latex proteins found to have originated from your processes it could cost your business in reputation and compensation. The most effective way to avoid indirect latex allergen exposure to your customers is to use a different type of glove.

Speak to your Snell Representative about the wide range of alternative gloves Snell can provide to your business.

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