Are You Covered?

Single use gloves are used in many business' all-around New Zealand. Their application is widely encompassing from quick, low risk, single use jobs to high risk, hygiene sensitive work. 

However, if you are not using the correct gloves for the task at hand you could be leaving your business at risk. Contamination from bacteria and foreign objects can have a large impact on sales, brand representation and recall costs.

There are many unseen costs that could be coming your way if you are using the incorrect gloves. In the last two years there have been 80 food related products recalled with a drastic increase in 2018 rising to 100 total product recalls. So far in 2019 there have been 29 food related product recalls. At this rate we will be looking at even more incidents of contamination and a growing problem for both consumers and manufacturers.

What is not often discussed are the repercussions on your brand when recalling products due to contamination. Customers can lose trust in your brand’s procedures and product in turn reducing your immediate sales, long term sales and market share. Fixing this is an extremely tough task and sometimes not achievable. Losing your clients trust can be extremely detrimental to all aspects of your business.

Ensuring you have access to the correct glove for your working environment is key and could be saving more than just money for your business.

Snell have new additions to our glove range. Our new high-risk gloves provide a longer cuff for added protection while the durable design makes it less prone to tearing and punctures. For more information around how these could fit into your business please contact your Snell representative or click the below products.

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Snell Latex Gloves High Risk - 300mm

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