Wiping And Cleaning It Up

Whether used for disinfection of surfaces and equipment, removing thick, dirty grease from machine gears, wiping a circuit board in a cleanroom, or preparing for painting, wipers, cloths and rags are essential tools for completing a variety of work tasks.

There are many cheap, quick fix solutions in the market, but they can be lacking the consistency and quality that you are needing. This can mean that surfaces are left dirty, health and safety is jeopardised, products may be getting returned, machines are inefficient, further affecting output, your production line and your revenue. These could be costing your business more then you may be aware of and so ensuring that your cloth is up to the task at hand is key.

How to find the right wiper to use:

  • What tasks are you performing?
  • What work environment are you in?
  • What type of wiper, towel or rag is needed?

Having a consistent high-quality product that is built for your workplace means you can have peace of mind knowing that crucial tasks are getting done how they need to be. The Tork wiping paper and cleaning cloths ranges provide a high-quality product suited to many tasks. Dispensed in a variety of formats while also having patented exelCLEAN and Quickdry technology making your job easier.

There a variety of options of cloths depending on your working environment and task at hand. To get more information around the Tork wiping range and how it could fit into your business please contact your Snell representative.

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Tork W4 Dispenser Wiper Cloth

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