Be Waste Wise

Currently there is a lot of focus on reducing both personal and commercial waste. It is common to see environmental groups and committee’s set up to focus on a business’s environmentally based projects. Working on this while maintaining day to day operations can be difficult.

Keeping your business clean and as germ free as possible is a tough task. Robust hand hygiene systems need to be implemented alongside training for effective use. Getting all of this done with effective staff engagement is enough of a task for many businesses.

But in fact, people can often overlook their hand hygiene systems when evaluating their internal environmental practices. This is an area which if not reviewed regularly, could be negatively affecting your business’ impact on the environment.

By using the incorrect paper towel system, you could be unnecessarily adding tonnes of paper waste as well as adding hundreds of kilograms of cardboard recycling to your operations. Even the use of inappropriate hand soap systems could be harbouring germs and increasing your water consumption. This could be a large section of the waste that your business creates yet it is often overlooked as an area that can create meaningful impact.

A large Food Processing Manufacturer was using a paper towel system that they thought was fit for their business. Upon a review it was revealed that by using their current system they were creating 1.4 tonnes of added paper waste and 194kgs of extra recycling. As a result, through the review they were able to reduce their production of waste by 38%.

Having access to a specialist to review your hygiene systems can be extremely beneficial. Gaining meaningful insight around your hygiene waste could provide your business with an easy way to reduce your environmental impact.

Our Hygiene Specialist can help to provide a comprehensive review of your current hygiene systems. For more information please contact your Snell representative.

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