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Hygiene is a crucial part of all businesses.

The areas of importance can vary from standard office hygiene to workkers moving in between highly hygiene sensitive departments. Some industries hinge their ability to provide products and services through their high standards of hygiene. Food manufacturing, catering and pharmaceuticals are just a few industries who would strictly adhere to this to maintain a safe operation.

However, the focus is often put on ensuring staff are effectively cleaned prior to performing tasks. Although this is important, what can be overlooked is the cleaning and maintenance of the tools that are being used.

When tools are not cleaned or organised correctly, they can be used for a range of tasks, potentially crossing through different areas of a business. As a result, this can spread bacteria contaminating products, causing health issues, and potentially risking your business' reputation.

  • Contaminants can vary in size from bacteria, chemicals, undeclared allergens to even larger foreign matter.

  • In 2020 there were 90 food related product recalls.

  • Common causes of foodborne illnesses include infections from Norovirus, Campylobacter, Giardia, Slmonella and Listeria.

A large food processor thought they were using the correct tools to clean their business. Unfortuantely, they were experiencing ongoing contamination and product quality issues. Having tried a variety of measures to affect these issues they were at the end of what solutions they could implement. After reviewing their equipment, they were able to implement maintenance practices that helped prevent the costly shutdowns and cleaning that they were experiencing.

Using equipment that can be easily organised for use in specific working zones, while being fit for purpose, can help remove the issues of cross contamination and improve the ability for efficient ongoing maintenance. Having this system fir the fast pace of the modern workplace is incredibly important.

Vikan products provide an easy way to organise through colour coding while still being able to deliver a high-quality tool. Snell have access to a range of brushes and cleaning utensils that could help improve how you do day to day business. For more information around the Vikan range please contact your Snell representative.

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