Are You Effectively Protecting Your Business?

Hygiene is an issue that has always been important to businesses all over New Zealand. 

The introduction of Covid-19 has only heightened the public's focus and sensitivity to this area, lifting expectations for you to effectively protect the well-being of all on site.

However, there are many facets to hygiene and if you aren't in control of this area of your business, you will be putting your staff's well-being at risk.

Before the pandemic, hygiene was important but not always a priority. It is clear to see that this has changed as the general public become more educated on the topic. Research shows that:

  • 72% of people have become aware of the importance of drying hands properly.

  • 42% of people feel unsafe entering a washroom with air dryers

  • 68% of people wish more facilities offered paper towels as an alternative to air dryers

Some of the areas that could be causing more risk for your business include:

  • Not using the correct wiping products

  • Having incorrect hand hygiene systems

  • No or poor hand hygiene training

If you were able to effectively implement hygiene systems throughout your business, you would be rest assured that your staff have access to a consistent high level of hygiene products and are trained in how to use them effectively.

The Tork range provides your team with solutions for across your business. Whether your needs are paper hand towels, sanitizers or wipers, there is a solution available to you. They can even provide the training required to ensure your staff are well educated on hygiene best practice.

To learn about how the Tork range could fit into your workplace, please contact your Snell representative for more information.