Reach Your Hygiene Potential

Cleaning protocols are forever changed.

There is an increased emphasis on cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing in workplaces all over New Zealand. Every facility is constantly thinking about how to keep the workplace clean and hygienic to protect employees and visitors.

How could an inferior hand hygiene system affect your business?

  • Contaminated rolls due to inadequate dispenser design 
  • Increased costs due to overuse
  • Increased waste
  • Reduced hygiene awareness due to hygiene systems lacking visibility
  • Cross over of people potentially spreading germs

Having access to a product that can help reduce your consumption while being portable would allow you to ensure access to effective hygiene products is business wide.

Introducing the new WypAll® Reach® Centrefeed System - designed to help drive hygiene standards throughout your facility.

  • Ideal for wiping up spills and drying hands
  •  Convenient and portable - always at hand 
  • Good for space restricted environments with a convenient wall mounted bracket for storage
  • Hygienic fully enclosed system – designed to help prevent transmission of foodborne bacteria caused by handling of exposed rolls
  • Efficient design helps reduce paper consumption by 18%

To learn more about how WypAll Reach Centrefeed System can benefit your business, please contact your Snell representative or click below to register your interest.

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