Get Your Hand Drying Sorted

At some point we’ve all woken up with a sore throat, runny nose or aches and pains. These can be symptoms of the common cold or in serious cases the flu. Colds and flus are one of the main causes of sick days and the one of the most frequent reason for a visit to the doctor.

However while this can happen any time, it's more common to catch the flu, or experience flu-like symptoms, in the colder months of the year (April to October). On top of that nearly 95% of adults do not wash long enough to thoroughly clean the bacteria and viruses from their hands. This highlights how important it is to correctly wash and dry your hands.

Effective hand hygiene relies on appropriate technique as much as on selection of the correct product. A recommended technique is using soap, rinsing hands thoroughly under running water then patting dry with a single use towel ensuring that hands are completely dry.

Research shows that drying hands with paper towels reduces bacteria on fingers by up to 77%; this is because by drying hands with hand towels effectively removes residual water left on hands after washing. Moreover, the use of single-use towels also helps to reduce the spread of germs in the bathroom.

Being able to ensure that you have the best hand hygiene systems for your business can help reduce your business’ frequency of sickness and absenteeism.

The Scott and Kleenex Hand Towel systems can provide an easy way to aid in developing your business’ hygiene practices. For more information around these ranges please contact your Snell representative.

SCOTT® brand delivers simple hygiene solutions designed to help maximise productivity in your workplace. Managing bacteria in the workplace is a clear priority for any business, especially since up to 72% of employees report that they come to work when they're feeling under the weather. SCOTT® hand towels made with the advanced AIRFLEX* technology ensures efficient hand drying, and provides you with a fast, effective and gentle hand dry.

For more information around these ranges please contact your Snell representative.