Meat and Butchery

Flexible barrier meat packaging protects fresh chilled produce and small goods from any undesirable impacts on freshness and visual shelf appeal. Barrier constructions have to be carefully designed to safeguard meat quality by preventing evaporation of moisture, exposure to oxygen and light.

At Snell Flexibles, our experienced team understands the challenges of dealing with fresh, chilled meat. We offer a range of custom medium to high barrier pouches and roll stock that can be used in Modified Atmosphere Packaging for meat as well as top and bottom web and vacuum packs.

Our experts can work with your production team to make sure that our meat packaging solutions perform at their best on the line and on the shelf. If you’re looking for innovation to differentiate your product from competitors, our long-term global supply partners are ahead of the game when it comes to re-sealable technology and pealable, easy-open films to enhance consumer experience.

If you want to get the best from flexible barrier meat packaging, talk to the team at Snell Flexibles.

Snell Products for Fresh Meat and Small Goods Packaging