Fresh Fish and Seafood

Snap frozen, processed fish and seafood products need protective freezer-grade packaging to guard them from freezer burn and keep products looking and tasting their best. Traditional cartons and liners are increasingly being replaced by flexible fish and seafood packaging solutions which enable easy open and closure, preventing ice particles forming on the product surface once opened.

As well as taking a two-step carton and liner solution down to a single step, this packaging optimisation also delivers a better user experience for the consumer and provides larger pack options for food service and export.

At Snell Flexibles we offer a wide range of customised fish and seafood packaging solutions including horizontal packs, box pouches and stand up pouches.

Gravure printing delivers high quality graphics which make the best use of packaging real estate and make sure the product looks good whether it’s lying flat or stacked vertically. We also offer matt and matt/gloss finishes which display well under harsh freezer lighting. It’s important to understand how the end product is going to look in the selling environment, so let the expert team at Snell Flexibles help you deliver maximum shelf impact for your brand.

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Snell Products for Fresh Fish and Seafood