Top Web / Lidding Film

Features and Benefits

Top and bottom web is a high barrier packaging option with a soft bottom pocket. Ideal for products like cheese and dairy products, bread, meat and pet food. This packaging format is required for thermoforming machines. It is suitable for MAP for extending product shelf life. Various options are available depending upon the product barrier requirements.

Super high clarity, high barrier films are available. Top web film structure and finish are customisable and both top and bottom web have easy peel opening options.

Smart Packaging Solutions

This is a proven packaging format with easy peel/resealable options. It stands out well on the shelf as a stacked or hangsell product. High clarity film allows good visual presentation of the product and is very versatile with the use of plain and/or printed films and/or product over-labels.

Top/bottom web supports (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) MAP and extended shelf-life product requirements and can be used across multiple product categories eg. bread, meat, dairy. Well-suited for strong graphic presentation, this is a consistent and well-presented pack format.

Want to know more of the specifics?

Download the full spec sheet for this product here

Top Web / Lidding Film Spec Sheet