Shrink Films, Bundle Shrink

Features and Benefits:

Shrink films can be used for bundling or collating products and can be used with or without a carton tray. The carton tray plus shrink film is an alternative, more cost-effective solution to a fully enclosed corrugated carton alternative. Snell Flexibles offers low gauge high strength PE films and low gauge Polyolefin shrink films. High strength shrink films with high shrink ratios provide tightly packed finished products. Depending on product requirements, Polyolefin films are available with high clarity options.

Smart Packaging Solutions

Shrink film offers a low cost, high strength packaging option that adds tamper evidence to multipack retail units. It also allows more efficient throughput at the supermarket checkout requiring a single scan instead of three individual scans. This high transparency film supports crisp photographic quality imagery that can be customised to specific areas on the pack leaving windows to view individual products on the shelf. Shrink film is now fully recyclable through the Soft Plastics Recycling programme.

Want to know more of the specifics?

Download the full spec sheet for this product here

Shrink Films, Bundle Shrink Spec Sheet