Cereals and Ingredients

Delivering crisp, fresh dry goods in packaging your customers will love

Selecting the right packaging to keep the crunch in breakfast cereals and the freshness in dry goods is crucial for consumer satisfaction. Attractive, easy-open, re-sealable packaging that stands up well in the pantry makes the handling and storage of your product a positive experience for consumers, encouraging brand loyalty.

If you supply bulk product to food processors or food service, your customers’ focus is more likely to be on ease of product handling, puncture resistance during transport and maintaining freshness in larger packs – as well as keeping dust and powder inside the pack and out of the production line.

Clever packaging can help deliver all of these outcomes by providing the right barrier construction and pack format for both the product and its end-user. The right packaging will keep moisture out of cereals and dry ingredients, extending shelf life and freshness while keeping the customer’s needs at the centre of the design process.

We can supply a range of print options: from high quality gravure to keep your brand loud and proud on the shelf to inkjet labelling and thermal transfer printing for cost-effective nutrition labelling and branding on bulk products.

The experienced team at Snell Flexibles will keep you ahead of the latest innovations in closure systems and construction, while delivering packaging compliance, supply chain management, warehouse and stock management – making sure that you always have high quality packaging when and where you need it.

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