How Are You Perceived From Your Packaging?

Changing the design or branding of packaging is a process that can be overlooked due to its perceived costly nature. It takes time to develop designs, make sure the printing and manufacturing is done correctly and ensure this meets and fits into other business deadlines.

What is often overlooked is that developing your businesses branding can have a large impact on sales, market share and brand perception. A more refined looking product can stand out in the marketplace while making your packaging easier to use can also help and enhance your reputation as a producer of quality goods. By not acting you could be missing out on a crucial opportunity to grow your businesses and brands presence.

A study by the University of Loyola shows that 80 percent of people surveyed indicated that colour increases brand recognition. This means that having a bland colour palette and boring design will more then likely be pushing potential business away. Yet it is not just about changing your design to stand out as 80% of people say that authenticity of content is the main factor to whether the they follow a brand or not.

A food processing company was creating a tamper proof tub with a simple label on the lid. This was applied by hand meaning there were crooked labels, it had not been updated for years and the way the label faced meant that it was packed sideways on the shelf. The issue was that the product was new and one of a kind in New Zealand, yet this was not displayed in its packaging. By changing their product to a more visually appealing and user-friendly design they have received extremely positive feedback from their distributors and have received a more prominent position on the shelves.

Being able to develop your branding with a team of people who can take you through the process and ensure you get the most out of it is invaluable. Investing in the design of your packaging or branding can allow you to in the long run to invest in other areas of your business.

Snell Flexibles can help you investigate what solutions we have for your business. If you are interested, please contact your Snell representative for more information around our flexible packaging capabilities.

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