Are You Using The Correct Pallet Wrap?

Pallet wrap is used in many businesses to protect a wide range of products. Some products, because of their nature, need special types of pallet wrap for the wrap to be properly effective.

If you produce or ship goods that come off the production line hot and have to be rapidly cooled or kept well ventilated then standard pallet wrap might not be your best option.

Wrapping a pallet before it’s ready can result in condensation build up which damages packaging and products, increasing the risk of returns and compromising workplace safety. For many plants, this means having a waiting period between getting the product off the production line and storing it on a pallet. This takes up time and space in your warehouse which could be better utilised.

Carlsberg Export’s beer comes off the production line warm and they were using standard pallet wrap. Once the beer was palletised and wrapped the heat couldn’t disperse causing condensation and wet boxes which ripped and collapsed, costing over $2000 per load and a loss of goodwill with their customers.  Perforated pallet wrap allowed their product to breathe and cool down on a pallet through specially designed ventilation holes which allow the wrap to be strong but breathable.

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