Designing for E-Commerce

Many businesses spend hours designing how packaging will look on the shelf. Often how the product looks when it gets to a customer’s doorstep is overlooked. Reused boxes filled with reused bubble wrap, tissue paper or plastic will often be couriered to customers. Research has found that how a product is packaged when it arrives at a customer’s home has a large impact on a customer’s perception of your company.


The Household use of information and communications survey found that between 2009 and 2014 New Zealand’s total number of online shoppers increased from 800,000 to 1.2 million people. This means the main places customers engage with your company are online and when the courier hands them a parcel.

Sealed Air conducted a survey in the USA to find out what customers want when receiving products from online stores.


Customers also blame both the courier company and the retailer for product damage. Meaning a courier companies lack of care can damage your brand.

This means online stores need to package their products properly. While it is tempting to cut costs by downgrading your packaging the effects of this could be; lower customer retention rates, lower perceived quality of goods and the perception you don’t care about your products or customers.

Snell are experts in packaging. We can review your product range and suggest products which will reduce the risk of product damage. We can help you achieve higher customer satisfaction and improve the perceived quality of your products.

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