Sustainability Starts with the Non-Negotiables

The future of New Zealand's food industry is discussed in the Ministry of Primary Industries' report which explores demand opportunities in the year 2050. The concept of gaining 'tickets to the game' is discussed. 

The report says:

"Core consumer needs are non-negotiable 'tickets to the game'. If these are not served, consumers are unlikely to be receptive to our products..." To read the full report, click here.

While an understanding of non-negotiables for consumers is critical, it should also be considered from a business standpoint. We always encourage our customers to start with their non-negotiables. 

Ask yourself and other key stakeholders in your business:

What are the non-negotiables within our business from both sustainability and operational standpoints? 

It is critical to meet your ESG requirements through balancing sustainability and operational requirements. At Snell, we have seen many businesses fall into the trap of sustainable products which are not fit for purpose. For that reason, it's critical to engage a range of stakeholders and seek expert guidance regarding ESG. 

At Snell, we look forward to continue working alongside our customers in this capacity again this year.