Sorted Programme: Financial Education for Team Snell

We are pleased to share that six members of Team Snell have participated in our pilot programme focused on financial education called Get Sorted at Work. Led by an external and experienced facilitator from Sorted (part of the Retirement Commission), participants were educated on a range of topics over a six-week period. The topics of discussion included personal budgeting, managing debt and retirement savings. The programme also provided practical tips regarding managing a credit card or bank account, and Kiwisaver investments. 

The purpose of the programme is to help participants develop a greater understanding of the impacts of their financial decisions in the short and long term. 

One of the programme participants, Joseph, said: "The programme is about taking control of your money and not letting it control you". 

The launch of the programme followed a chance lunch time conversation between Joseph and our CE, Shaun. The pair discussed the importance of financial literacy and how a lack of this can stand in the way of making good decisions when dealing with money. 

As the programme is the first of its kind for Snell, we are pleased to see each participant applying these learnings and educating their own families. The programme proved positive as it assisted participants in challenging cultural barriers and a reluctance to discuss money and finance within their families and wider communities. 

Following a successful pilot, we are offering this programme to additional members of Team Snell over the coming months.