Partnering with our Customers: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare & Ingham's

Celebrating Progress on our Sustainability Journey with Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Recently, our sustainability progress was recognised by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. We are pleased to have advanced in the areas of Environmental and Social responsibility, two areas of ESG. 

Our in-house sustainability expert, Paul, says: 

"We are pleased to have received these two awards from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare as they are leading the charge in relation to sustainability. Of course, this reflects how we partner with our other customers and manage our own supply chain so this recognition reinforces our thinking around and approach to sustainability".

PPE Transition Project Completed with Ingham's

Similarly, we are pleased to have been recognised by Ingham's as the recipient of their Quarterly Supplier Shout Out Award. This award celebrates our partnership with Ingham's during a period of transition regarding their PPE requirements. 

"It's always a privilege to be recognised by our customers. This is also an opportunity to say thanks to our in-house specialists who operate as an expert resource Snell customers can tap into at any time. Our experts have proven invaluable throughout our work with Ingham's", says Tim Williams, Snell's Group Manager - Strategic Customers.