Recognising Excellence: Situational Leadership Training

In May, we launched our first situational leadership training programme in which we identified senior leaders within our business who are responsible for the delivery of complex, cross-functional projects which have a positive impact on Snell, our customers and partners.

Over the course of five months, the group of 12 participants will engage in training exercises and group discussions which will enhance their ability to adapt their leadership style to different situations and to the needs of their individual team members. The course is facilitated by Blanchard New Zealand, an established leadership consultancy and training business with international presence.

Shaun Williams, Chief Executive, says: “The Blanchard Situational Leadership programme not only allows our leaders to develop new skills. It also serves to recognise their contributions to the business and their strong performance to date as leaders. The programme participants were each selected for a specific reason. So, it’s fantastic to see the positive results of the programme so far”.  

We congratulate our leaders on being selected and we look forward to seeing their growth over the coming months.