Finding Efficiencies

Finding ways to create efficiencies in your business can be a tough task as keeping your operations running smoothly on a day-to-day basis is enough work.

This can mean that finding areas where you can tangibly make improvements or reductions is difficult. Often areas such as consumables can be disregarded as things such as tape, on a surface level, appear to be low use and have a minimal overall impact.

However, by leaving this area to run as normal, you could be having a wider impact on your business than you are aware of. If you were to accurately investigate your tape usage you could find room for reduction and improvement in your operations.

The main issue related to shipping goods are:

  • Damaged products being returned due to poor packaging
  • Unsatisfied customers due to poor packaging

The costs assocaited with both areas can be large. Dealing with returns is a larger task than most people are aware of. This creates additional costs such as quality checking the product, re-processing the order, fixing damaged products, re-picking the order, and then shipping it out. This can potentially make some sales unproftibale. While on  the other hand, packaging that arrives to a customer poorly presented can damage brand perception. There is an expectations that items arrive safely and in a manner that represents the company's effort to look after the consumers products. Fixing these issues can be a tough task, creating more noise in an already busy environment.

Having a system set in place that will allow your business to improve efficiency could be beneficfical in more than a financial sense. Being able to effectively implement automated tape machinery into your workflow is a great way to ensure that consistency of your packaging and quality of goods being shipped.

At Snell we have expertise knowledge on reviewing tape use and the associated machinery. on top of this we have access to a comprehensive range of tapes to fit your business' needs. For more information, please contact your Snell representative.

How can you fit automated machinery into your business?

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