Local Partner, Global Reach

As a wider business, Snell has 50 years of experience working in a global marketplace. We interact with more than 140 suppliers across the world and handle over 20,000 SKUs. Snell Flexibles has offices in New Zealand, Australia and China, with dedicated staff permanently based in each location to make sure that our jobs adhere to specification, legislation and our own high company standards for quality.

New Zealand 

Single point of contact, multiple streams of expertise: Our aim is to be agile, responsive and easy to deal with. Every customer has a single point of contact within our business that provides access to a range of subject matter experts. Whether you want to purchase specialist flexible packaging or industrial packaging and safety gear, we’ll make sure that you’re always talking to the right people. We have offices and warehousing in Auckland, Hamilton,Wellington and Christchurch with 120 staff and 25 experienced account managers.


Snell’s Australian office is based in Queensland, with warehousing in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. These locations support the seamless running of our supply chain on both sides of the Tasman, helping us to deliver a consistent, high quality service to customers operating across New Zealand and Australia.


Capital investment driven by the large and growing Asian flexible packaging market means that innovation, quality and efficiencies can be gained by dealing with accredited Chinese manufacturers. However, as an experienced global operator, we understand how important it is to have people on the ground – and in the same time zone. The stronger our relationships are with our fully accredited flexible packaging supply partners, the better it is for our customers.

Our China office in Guangzhou (the capital of Guangdong Province in south eastern China) deals directly with key decision-makers at each flexible packaging manufacturer to make sure that our jobs are top priority. Our people are also on hand for press passes and quality checks to make sure that we can respond to our customers and market drivers quickly and accurately. As we all know, being there is everything.

Our Chinese staff regularly attend training in New Zealand to ensure that the whole company operates to the same high standards and that nothing is lost in translation.