Potato Bags


We offer 5kg, 10kg and 20kg potato bags in a durable kraft paper with an inner/woven polypropylene/BOPP construction

Customised Construction

Snell Polyweave supplies durable customised construction potato bags and stock bags (5kg and 10kg). Our 5kg and 10kg bags come with easy open tape and a clear plastic handle for consumer convenience. All potato bags are ventilated either via pinholes or, if necessary, 3-5mm punched holes. Our stock line in 5kg and 10kg bags can be ordered in quantities of 4 bales at a time (250 bags per bale).

Appealing Finish

At Snell Flexibles we offer crisp photographic quality imagery through the gravure printing process. Bags can be printed up to 1- colours with a range of finishes : matt, gloss, matt/gloss highlights and paper.

Smart Packaging Solutions

We offer a more durable construction than the standard multiwall paper bag. Our kraft paper and woven polypropylene/BOPP inner is designed to withstand the elements and wayward forklift drivers so that your produce arrives at its destination in the same condition as it was palletised. We can design a bag for you, or you can create your own design. MOQ for customer-designed bags is 10,000 per order/per design/size. Snell Flexibles can also supply 5kg and 10kg stock bags to order.

Packaging Film Finishes

Gloss or matte finish and gravure printed up to 10 colours